Public Policy

As research has been conducted on many sides of the media violence issue, and the different sides have looked for protection or regulation from lawmakers and courts on the state and federal level. As more detailed research and increasingly more caustic media is produced the issue of media violence and public policy promises to be a battle in state assemblies and courthouses across the country for decades to come.

In the wake of the mass tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut in December of 2012, the national debate became more intense that ever. The shooter was a gamer known to play violent first-person shooter games. But the lack of causal link between games and violence has prevented many in Washington to take action.

Though some leaders are getting in front of this important issue:

“The violence in the entertainment culture, particularly with the extraordinary realism to video games and movies now, does cause vulnerable young men, particularly, to be more violent,” Senator Joseph Lieberman


Bills Pending:

Violent Content Research Act of 2013