Questions to Ask Parents


  • How much time does your child or children spend in front of the television, playing video games, or on the internet?
  • American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a maximum of 1 hour daily

  • Do your family values impact what you allow your children to watch on TV and movies, or the video or computer games they are allowed to play?
  • Is the time in front of TV monitored by an adult?
  • Do you have parental controls or any filtering device for your TV or internet?


  • Do you plan your TV watching in advance?
  • Do you write down and post this schedule anywhere?
  • Do you screen TV shows and movies prior to allowing your children watch them?
  • Do you record or DVR positive shows that may be on during the day?
  • Do you allow TV to be on during dinner?
  • Does child have TV in bedroom?


  • Do you research or play the video games before purchasing?
  • Does the rating or package help you determine which games to purchase?
  • Do you know if video games are online enabled?
  • Do video games include live chat?
  • Do you know what “Mods” are?
  • Are the games played by children single or multi-player?
  • AAP research shows single player games have an increased risk of isolation

  • Does anyone else in family play violent video games in front of children?
  • AAP encourages parents or older siblings to model the desired behavior for children.


  • Where is the computer located within your home?
  • AAP encourages more centrally located computer for increased oversight.

  • Do you set time limits for amount of usage?
  • Do you use parental controls on the computer?
  • Do you have a family “internet safety guidelines”?
  • AAP recommends the creation, review, and placement near the computer monitor.