How to Address Issues


In order to address these issues there needs to be communication between the student and the teacher, but there also needs to be communication between the teacher and the parents.

Parental Awareness

How to Address Issues

There needs to be some awareness on the parents end, and how to help deal with these types of behaviors. It is proven that whenever a child/adolescent starts playing video games regularly, that their social maturity stops at that age. So if they started playing video games at thirteen, and they are now eighteen, they are socially still thirteen, because they haven’t had normal, everyday social interaction with others.

At Home

To correct this problem it could mean limits for video game playing at home, consequences for work missed, and also support for the child/student to be able to understand those higher/deeper level thinking questions and how to deal with them. The attention span issue is harder to deal with, as well as the aggressive behavior. That is something that will have to be worked on over time, with documentation as well as regular meetings with the parents.