20 Healthy Alternatives to Media

  1. Plan a picnic
  2. Ride bikes
  3. Go to a local park or recreation center
  4. Volunteer at a local charity
  5. Create art projects with creative materials you have in your home
  6. Do you have woods nearby? Take a walk and collect treasures.
  7. Play basketball
  8. Plan a trip to the zoo
  9. Visit the library and read some good books
  10. Write a book together and illustrate it
  11. Visit retirement home to build relationships & learn from older generation.
  12. Go ice-skating or roller-skating
  13. Take a trip to a local museum
  14. Teach your child how to cook or bake
  15. Look at old family pictures and tell fun stories from your family history
  16. Take pictures and create a scrapbook
  17. Make gifts for teachers or grandparents
  18. Get some sidewalk chalk and create a masterpiece
  19. Setup camping equipment in your backyard
  20. Play board games