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For Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers

Media violence impacts children, and as parents, or caregivers, you want to be equipped with the best information available. Your kids are exposed to video game violence, television or movie violence, or violence on the internet or mobile devices.

The Media Violence Resource Center provides parents with tips, research, reviews and other resources to help arm you with information about the impacts of media violence so that you can make the best decision for your children and families.

Above all of the information we provide parents, by far the information of highest impact is actually seeing media violence first hand. Statistics, research, and stories certainly help parents see the challenges they face in raising children against a powerful and accessible media. But, as they say, seeing is believing. To see a violent video game, click here.

For Pediatricians & Doctors

For Pediatricians & Doctors

In 2001 the American Academy of Pediatrics recognized that exposure to violence in media, including television, movies, music and video games was a significant risk to the health of children and adolescents. But nearly a decade later usage of all forms of media including television, video games, internet and mobile devices continue to rise. As Pediatricians, or doctors, that are sought by parents for guidance, you are on the front lines of a battle for the minds of our next generation. We are the hub of resources for some of the most respected institutions, researchers, and voices within the medical community to help arm you with the information that parents need to make a dent in the battle against media violence, and its potentially catastrophic impact on our next generation.

For Teachers & Conselors

For Teachers & Counselors

Are your classrooms and schools constantly being disrupted by students that can’t focus? The Media Violence Resource Center believes the growth of media violence and video game violence has had an impact on the classroom. And while things like ADD are real, research shows that rampant usage of media and specifically violent media can have a dramatic impact on students. At the Media Violence Resource Center we’ve compiled the most pertinent research on media violence’s impact on the classroom, how to spot the signs of media violence in schools, and tips for helping students being impacted by media violence.