Zhao, L., & Jiang, G. (2010). Exposure to violent game: A research about aggression in middle school students. Chinese Journal Of Clinical Psychology, 18(6), 765-768.

Objective: To explore the impact of game violence exposure on aggression. Methods: 1578 middle school students were investigated and some irrelevant variables were controlled by statistical method. Results: The amount of early (not recent) game violence exposure got into the equation of regression (F = 30.572,P < 0.001). People whose amount of recent game violence exposure was reducing or increasing has different main factors of aggression. The former was interaction of game and competition (41.5%), interaction of game, and family violence (4.4%) and peer violence (5.1%). The latter was life setback (10.5%) and interaction of game and competition (7.7%). Conclusion: Game violence exposure has impact on aggression. And people who have different degrees of exposure changes have different factors. The interaction of game violence and competition, domestic violence, life frustration, rather than game violence itself, is an important factor to explain aggression. The age of accessing to video game violence might have greater effects on aggression than the earlier or later of contact time. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)