Valkenburg, P. M., & van der Voort, T. H. A. (1995). The influence of television on children’s daydreaming styles: A 1-year panel study. Communication Research, 22 (3), 267-287.

Abstract:  Attempted to replicate the study of P. M. Valkenburg et al (1992) by examining relationships between the frequency with which children watch violent and nonviolent dramatic programs and 3 types of daydreaming styles: positive-intense, aggressive-heroic, and dysphoric. 744 Dutch children were surveyed. In agreement with the findings of Valkenburg et al, frequent viewing of nonviolent children’s programs appeared to lead over time to an increase in children’s positive-intense daydreaming. Frequent watching of violent dramatic programs stimulated over time an aggressive-heroic daydreaming style. The inhibiting effect of nonviolent dramatic programs on aggressive-heroic daydreaming was diametrically opposed to the finding of Valkenburg et al that nonviolent dramatic programs had a stimulating effect on aggressive-heroic daydreaming. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)