Sprafkin, J., & Gadow, K. D. (1988). The immediate impact of aggressive cartoons on emotionally disturbed and learning disabled children. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 149 (1), 35-44.

Abstract:  Assessed the immediate impact of viewing aggressive cartoons on 15 emotionally disturbed (ED) and 23 learning disabled (LD) children’s willingness to hurt another child. Ss (aged 5-10 yrs) viewed either an aggressive or a comparison cartoon and then played the Help-Hurt game. Ss who watched the aggressive cartoon pressed the Hurt button for significantly more time than did those who were exposed to the comparison cartoon. Across cartoon conditions, the ED Ss pressed the Hurt button significantly longer than did their LD peers. In addition, both ED and LD Ss exposed to the aggression cartoon program were more willing to hurt another child than Ss who viewed a nonaggressive cartoon. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)