Sanson, A., & di Muccio, C. (1993). The influence of aggressive and neutral cartoons and toys on the behaviour of preschool children. Australian Psychologist, 28 (2), 93-99.

Abstract:  Examined the behavioral effects of viewing an aggressive cartoon and playing with the toys associated with it, in comparison to a neutral cartoon and toys. 60 preschool children (aged 36-61 mo) were observed in groups of 5 after viewing either an aggressive cartoon, a neutral cartoon, or no cartoon, when playing with each type of toy in turn. Levels of aggression were considerably higher when children played with the aggressive toys after watching the aggressive cartoon, than after exposure to the neutral cartoon and toys. The opposite trend occurred for prosocial behavior. The effects of watching cross-matched cartoons and toys (e.g., aggressive cartoon and neutral toys) were less clear-cut, but still indicated negative effects of both aggressive cartoons and toys. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)