Roman, D. (1993). Fierce love and fierce response: intervening in the cultural politics of rave, sexuality, and AIDS. Journal of Homosexuality, 26 (2-3), 195-219.

Abstract:  In their performance of Fierce Love, the acting trio Pomo Afro Homos (Postmodern African-American Homosexuals) enact some of the experiences of Black gay men. Through performance, they intervene in the prevailing mythologies around Black and gay identities, but especially Black gay identities, in the age of AIDS. Two productions that display and proliferate anxieties about Black gay bodies are J. Guare’s (1990) play Six Degrees of Separation and Magic Johnson’s unsettling HIV disclosure in 1991. The Pomo Afro Homos address the phenomenon of containing Black gay sexuality by insisting that the theater and its inherent role in offering representations be seen as a viable site for contestation for Black gay men. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)