Osborn, D. K., & Endsley, R. C. (1971). Emotional reactions of young children to tv violence. Child Development, 42 (1), 321-331.

Abstract:  Using a procedure for recording continuously the amount of emotional sweating (GSR), 4- and 5-yr-old children were shown 4 brief TV film episodes. 2 films, 1 employing cartoon characters (CV) and the other human characters (HV), contained violent actions among the characters. 2 other films contained only nonviolent (N) actions among the characters (NCV and NHV). As measured by their GSR, Ss responded more emotionally to CV and HV, particularly the latter, than they did to the nonviolent films. Ss also subsequently selected HV as the “scariest” film, and recalled more detail from HV 1 wk. later than from the other 3 films. Finally, Ss most frequently selected the 2 cartoon films, particularly NCV, as the “best liked” films. (15 ref.) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)