Manning, S. A., & Taylor, D. A. (1975). Effects of viewed violence and aggression: Stimulation and catharsis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 31 (1), 180-188.

Abstract:  Compared 2 types of response measures-aggressive and hostile responses-under conditions of instigation vs no instigation and aggressive vs neutral film. It was hypothesized that viewing an aggressive film would lead to a decrease in hostile responses (catharsis) and an increase in aggressive responses (stimulation) when compared with a neutral film condition. It was also hypothesized that both stimulation and catharsis effects would be enhanced under instigation conditions. Data from 80 male undergraduates show that Ss in the instigation condition had higher scores than those in the noninstigated condition. Ss in the aggressive film condition had lower scores than Ss in the neutral film condition. A significant Film * Response Outlet interaction was found which offered support for the predicted catharsis effect on the hostility measure. There was no support for the predicted stimulation effect on the aggression measure. (23 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)