Kremerman, L., Cohen, J., & Tsfati, Y. (2012). Examining the association between exposure to violent media and aggressive political opinions in the Israeli context. Communication Reports, 25(2), 88-99. doi:10.1080/08934215.2012.719462

Recent evidence demonstrates that exposure to violent TV has an influence on youngsters’ Aggressive Political Opinions (APO; Eyal, Metzger, Lingsweiler, Mahood, & Yao, 2006). While these findings point to an important influence of violent media on politics, the only study so far in this domain was limited to the USA context. The present study provides a replication in a significantly different cultural context: Israel. Most importantly, Israeli culture is more militaristic than most Western cultures, and a substantial portion of Israelis serve in the military. Findings indicate that exposure to violent TV is associated with APO among young Israelis. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)