Hess, T. H., Hess, K. D., & Hess, A. K. (1999). The effects of violent media on adolescent inkblot responses: Implications for clinical and forensic assessments. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 55 (4), 439-445.

Abstract:  Two experiments were conducted to assess the degree to which violent media stimulate violent fantasy as depicted on inkblot responses. In Exp 1, 22 female and 19 male gifted high school students were exposed to a bucolic or violent film clip and then were asked to produce inkblot responses. In Exp 2, a second sample of 20 female and 23 male additional students were exposed to a verbal description of the bucolic or violent scene to assess whether the “hot” or “cooler” media (M. McLuhan, 1964) had different effects on the inkblot responses. In both experiments, the media exposure led to increased levels of violent responses, and in both cases males produced more violent responses. There was no sex by media interaction effect. Implications for clinical and forensic assessments are presented. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)