Ferrigan, M.M., Valentiner, D.P., & Berman, M.E. (2000). Psychopathy dimensions and awareness of negative and positive consequences of aggressive behavior in a nonforensic sample. Personality & Individual Differences, 28 (3), 527-538.

Abstract:  Predictions derived from the 2-factor model of psychopathy were examined. 63 male college students (mean age 20.3 yrs) completed measures of primary and secondary psychopathy and then watched either a film displaying overt aggression or a neutral film. After viewing the film, self-report ratings of negative and positive consequences for engaging in aggressive behavior were completed. Ss lower in primary psychopathy reported a greater awareness of negative consequences for aggression after exposure to the aggressive film stimulus compared with similar Ss who watched the neutral film. This priming effect was not found for Ss higher in primary psychopathy. Ratings of positive consequences by Ss higher in secondary psychopathy were not affected by film condition. However, those Ss who scored lower in secondary psychopathy showed a priming effect when exposed to the aggressive film stimulus, reaching similar levels as Ss higher in secondary psychopathy who were exposed to a neutral film. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)