Day, R. C., & Ghandour, M. (1984). The effect of television-mediated aggression and real-life aggression on the behavior of Lebanese children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 38 (1), 7-18.

Abstract:  Investigated the effect of TV-mediated aggression and real-life aggression on the behavior of 48 boys and 48 girls (aged 6-8 yrs) of Lebanese origin who were students in an elementary school in Beirut. After controlling for preexperimental aggression, Ss were randomly assigned to one of the following treatment conditions: human-film aggression, cartoon-film aggression, neutral film, or real-life (act of war) aggression. After observing 10 min of TV, Ss were observed for play behaviors for 10 min. Results indicate that boys as a group were more aggressive than girls and exhibited more imitative aggression after viewing both violent film and real-life violence. Girls were not more violent after viewing filmed aggression but were affected by the real-life violence. Results suggest that one effect of war on children is to increase their acts of antisocial, aggressive behaviors. (18 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)