Charlton, T., Panting, C., Davie, R., Coles, D., & Whitmarsh, L. (2000). Children’s playground behavior across five years of broadcast television : A naturalistic study in a remote community. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulities, 5 (4), 4-12.

Abstract: Examined children’s behavior 4 mo prior to, and 5 yrs after, the inception of broadcast TV. Video-recordings of naturalistic observation of 3- to 8-yr-olds’ free-play behaviour were used in 2 playgrounds in the island of St. Helena. Similar aged children’s behaviour in the same playgrounds was recorded 5 yrs after TV’s arrival. Out of 64 pre-/post-TV comparisons only 9 significant shifts were found. Five revealed decreases in pro-social behaviour (boys and girls), two showed increases in pro-social behaviour (boys only), and the remaining two showed decreases in anti-social behaviour (for boys only). In the discussion, particular environmental factors are highlighted which may help determine whether learned aggression (from TV and elsewhere) is enacted. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved)