Anderson, C. A., & Warburton, W. A. (2012). The impact of violent video games: An overview. In W. Warburton, D. Braunstein (Eds.) , Growing up fast and furious: Reviewing the impacts of violent and sexualised media on children (pp. 56-84). Annandale, NSW Australia: The Federation Press.

(from the chapter) Parents often ask about the effects of violent video games on their children and teenagers. In most cases, they note that their “common sense” instinct is that too much exposure to violent video games must have some sort of negative effect on their children, but that they have read in the media that “the jury is still out” on violent media effects or that there is no convincing evidence that violent video game playing is harmful. Confusion around this conflict will often prompt them then to ask: “what does the scientific evidence really say?” In this chapter we show that the common sense view is backed up by a substantial body of recent scientific findings. Helpful and pro-social video game content has great potential for enhancing the lives of children and adolescents, but exposure to anti-social and violent video game content increases the likelihood of a range of negative outcomes, with greater exposure increasing the risk. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)