Mass Tragedies

In the aftermath of tragedies like the Navy Yard shooting, Newtown, and Columbine the nation always looks for answers. Among the factors increasingly mentioned is the obsessive violent video game play by the shooters. While it’s impossible to know why someone would ever commit atrocities, how someone spends his time and the inputs he receives must be considered.

In each of the above mass shootings, the killers were known to be gamers. Newtown killer Adam Lanza was captivated by warfare video games. And was known to spend the majority of his days in a blacked out bedroom training to put his name on the top of a chilling spreadsheet of the history of mass murders.

The Navy Yard shooter was described by friends as being in his room all the time playing military style video games. Other reports called him obsessed with violent video games.

While correlation is not causation, the consistency of the connection should cause any objective observer to ask more questions. The public’s health is clearly impacted by these events, and if violent media usage is a consistent factor it bears a higher degree of scrutiny than its been given by the public sector.

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