Signs of Addiction

  • Has usage of your child’s media increased over time?
  • When they stop watching television or playing video games do they show signs of withdrawal?
  • Does it seem like they have to play longer or watch more to have the same enjoyment as before?
  • Even after realizing they have negative consequences from media, do they continue to play?
  • Are they putting off school work, or other important activities because of video games or cell phones?
  • Do they think about TV or video games when they’re not playing them?
  • Has their desire to do anything else besides TV or video games gone away?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you meet the medical definition of addiction. According to the American Psychiatry Association, an addiction is a chronic disorder in which we are unable to control our need for the substance in question. If you think your child is at risk, please reach out to a health professional or contact us for more resources.