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In light of all of the shootings and violence, I felt that a comment was necessary. I have been very concerned about the amount of shootings, not only because of the devastation it has caused, but because there has been no discussion as to the why of it all! There is/was ONE link between all of the shooters in the last two decades…they all played video games at one level or another. But, the media and/or us, the people never want to look into that link. We just come up with more abstract reasons, look into mental instability, more gun control, and ignore what has changed with the younger generation in the last thirty years. I would like to know how many kids killed their classmates with guns in the fifties. I would like to question how many children massacred people with guns in shopping malls in the thirties. We still owned guns then, kids were still being bullied, and yet we don’t try to understand what has changed in our culture that has made our children more violent, more desensitized, more willing to take another life, and less willing to feel responsible.

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