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One idea I had for curing those slow moments after school was to get my daughter and all of the kids in the neighborhood into building a butterfly garden. We had a patch of dirt in the very corner of our yard that I allowed them to till and then bought seeds for about a dollar. They thought this was a great idea. They have plans for when the butterflies come. I also got two butterfly nets for $1.00 so that they can catch them and record what they caught so they can look up what kinds of butterflies are coming to visit. I thought this could lead into all sorts of activities. It didn’t take very long, and this kind of garden can be planted in a pot for those who don’t have backyards. I spent less than $3.00 and the activity is hopefully going to continue to entertain them through out the summer!

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Since we have had more time with the electronics off this week we have found other ways to spend our time. The weather has been great, so one thing I did was teach the kids in the neighborhood how to play Four Square! I ended up getting the whole neighborhood into it, and even had adults out there playing. I started it yesterday and had all of the kids begging me to play again today. My first idea is to get out, meaning…..get outside and play! It is super fun, great for healthy kids, and gets everyone involved!

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This week is a National Turn Off the TV Week. I think that it would be great for all parents to try and challenge themselves for one week and see if they can do it. I think we, as parents, use the television as a means to make things easier on ourselves, and I am not going to say that it doesn’t help me when I greatly need to fold laundry, do the dishes, cook dinner, etc. HOWEVER, my husband and I tried to do this starting yesterday with our daughter, and forced her to entertain herself for awhile in her room. She played dress-up, wrote a story, and even decorated her room. I was able to cook dinner, and my husband put together some furniture. We got our desired time, and our child found some great things to do! I am going to challenge all parents to just try this week. I will be posting new and fun ideas to help encourage you this week.
Just remember, we stifle the imagination of our kids when we don’t force them to face boredom! When a child becomes bored, that is when the most creative ideas bloom!!! Good luck!

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I just recently set up a playdate for my daughter with a boy about the same age. I saw immediately the difference in their desire to play video games. When asked what they wanted to do my daughter mentioned 10 different things, and video games were low on the list. He mentioned a few things and video games were first on the list. I have noticed this about the kids in the neighborhood, as well. I wonder why this is?! I am going to research this, so stay tuned!