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There are all types of games out there, it is up to us to weed through those that are damaging and those that are positive learning experiences for our children. There are the dancing games that teach our children to be active as well as following directions, there are the Sims games that teach us how to build and cooperate, but of course even those games have a negative aspect and need to be CLOSELY monitored, because the gaming industry just can’t make a game with positive outcomes- it has to have devious options as well. I am still trying to find some games that teach things such as peacekeeping, nurturing, empathy, etc. I am having a hard time with these. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of games that might teach these “socially positive” qualities, please let me know! Otherwise I will keep you posted as I find more positive games out there.

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I have been searching and searching for games that are listed as prosocial, and WHY they are listed as prosocial. I have found that the titles that fall under that category are not games you can buy in a store. An example of this would be Farmville for facebook. It teaches you how to take care of animals and work together, etc. Other than that there are not a lot of games out there that teach these types of lessons for kids. I am still on the hunt and will let you know when I get some more answers…..stay tuned!

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I have been doing some research on pro-social video games, and there is definitely some research out there! However, I haven’t seen any titles of these particular games, so I am going to go on a hunt for them. If I can find some specific titles of these games I will share them so that all of our kids can benefit from them!