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I recently bought my daughter the leappad for Christmas solely because it was described as having a writing program where she could draw and write stories and take pictures and videos to enhance the stories. This sounds like a great product right? Well it cost us $100.00 up front. This included one story program and a video application. We did NOT anticipate that the games would cost $25.00 a piece, and all additional downloads would cost anywhere between $10.00 and $25.00. They only offer two story applications, at an additional cost, plus the price of batteries to keep the thing going, plus there are only two story applications, so needless to say we feel completely taken by the toy companies ONCE AGAIN! To summarize this, we have put in over $250.00 with all accessories and batteries and upkeep. To put this in perspective for that kind of money she could have been enrolled in a soccer program in the fall, our local little league program in the spring, an art class in the summer, a basketball league in the winter and still had money left over! I think we spend more time researching the latest device instead of the local activities and sports that are available to our children. These local opportunities will not only enhance their social skills, it helps them physically, as well as learning new skills.

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