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There was a new study that just came out that has made a correlation between attention problems in children and playing video games. What the study proved was that prolonged video game usage in children had a lasting effect on their attention in other areas of life. It also showed that those children with attention problems tend to play video games longer than those without. So, in other words they go hand in hand! I think the interesting thing is that they said that even though video games can help your child process things visually and mentally, it can also have a negative affect on their attention span!

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I recently bought my daughter the leappad for Christmas solely because it was described as having a writing program where she could draw and write stories and take pictures and videos to enhance the stories. This sounds like a great product right? Well it cost us $100.00 up front. This included one story program and a video application. We did NOT anticipate that the games would cost $25.00 a piece, and all additional downloads would cost anywhere between $10.00 and $25.00. They only offer two story applications, at an additional cost, plus the price of batteries to keep the thing going, plus there are only two story applications, so needless to say we feel completely taken by the toy companies ONCE AGAIN! To summarize this, we have put in over $250.00 with all accessories and batteries and upkeep. To put this in perspective for that kind of money she could have been enrolled in a soccer program in the fall, our local little league program in the spring, an art class in the summer, a basketball league in the winter and still had money left over! I think we spend more time researching the latest device instead of the local activities and sports that are available to our children. These local opportunities will not only enhance their social skills, it helps them physically, as well as learning new skills.

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I have been reading all of the stories about Facebook lately. Whether it is a father shooting up his daughter’s computer because of the content of her postings, or parents attacking people who have DEfriended their children, IT IS INSANITY! I don’t understand how something as innocent as a social site can be turned into such a destructive force! I am not a big user of the site, however, it seems innocent enough to me. I have reported in the past about the pressures associated with the site and young users, but this has gone beyond mental mind games, this is actual physical abuse. It is sad that it seems our current society can turn anything ugly!

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I think it is just disgusting how the superbowl has become one big day of drinking, sex and innappropriatenes. My husband has been dying for the day when his daughter would be interested in watching the game of the year with him. We sat down with food, a roaring fire and lots of beverages and told her how the big advertising companies were going to have their best ads during the game. We even went to YouTube and showed her some of the old ones that we thought were funny. However, we were watching the ads together, and it was TERRIBLE. Between the M&M commercial talking about it being “this kind of party” and took off his color coating (obviously clothing) was confusing to her. She asked what that kind of party was. We then had to fastforward through the always terribly vulgar GoDaddy commercials, and the flower commercial that seemed like it was selling prostitution. I thought the David Beckam ad was going to be about his ability or talent, but of course not, and we had to fastforward through that commercial as well. So by the end of it, my daughter liked the dog commercials, and that was about it. By the time we got to the half time show, we thought here we go, Madonna, our childhood star promised a clean show. We all got prepped for it, and come to find out they have taken the usually provacative Madonna and made her likable and somewhat clean, and then brought out Nikki Minaj and MIA, two vulgar female rappers to come in and do something to ruin the show. They are bumping and grinding and lifting their crotch flaps, and then flipping the bird. It disgusts me that the NFL has thrown so much money to make women feel apart of the experience, and yet they have geared almost all commercials and all shows in the Superbowl to the men, and ruin the experience for all.
And I would like to add that the commercials that have created all the buzz last night had NOTHING to do with sex, nudity or even crass humor. The number one commercial was the dog losing weight, the second was the commercial with a great message with Clint Eastwood, and the last one starred old cartoon characters. So when are the advertising companies going to take notice of what is really selling out there?