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I have been thinking of what my New Year’s Resolution might be in this new year. I was thinking about healthy eating, becoming more active, among other generic resolutions that we all promise to ourselves in January and then forget about in February. So I have been thinking about what I could really promise to do this new year, and try to put my best foot forward.
I am going to try and have my family spend less time media consumed and more time together. I think that families are so busy, whether you are involved in sports, clubs, various activities, church, work, school, homework, family obligations, etc. BUT what if when you are home with your family, you don’t turn the television on first thing, and keep it on all night? What would happen then? I have tried it with my family for the last few weeks, and have found that if the television isn’t on, we find things to do togther. We have played more games, read books together, do puzzles, etc. What I have found with my children is that they go and FIND things to do.
When we have free time, my oldest child will ask if we can watch television first, and then play the Wii second, and when both answers are no, she protests, but then plays with the toys she was given for Christmas, will find my son and they will make up games to play together, as well as other creative activities. She even came to me the other day and said that she had made up a routine to show me with music, choreography, and costumes. Instead of sitting mindlessly on the couch my kids are now playing hide and seek, creating art projects and spending time engaging with one another.
I don’t want to try and tell everyone that we don’t watch ANY television because that isn’t accurate, however, during the week my oldest child does not watch any television because she is just too busy, and on the weekend she would rather be outside playing in the snow, riding bikes, or playing games. My son stays at home with me and he is allowed one show in the morning. My daughter has one show that she watches on Sunday and we enjoy doing that together.
I have heard that little rhyme that says the families that play together stay together….and have always chuckled at the phrase, but the meaning seems true. The more you can “play” or be together the stronger your bond together will be!

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  1. Concerned Parent says:

    I agree, while i don’t think that playing video games and watching tv is entirely bad anything done in excess can be harmful. I think these things need to be done together as a familty, whether that is going outside, reading books, playing with toys, playing the wii or watching a movie, if it is done as a family and together it is far more beneficial to everyone!

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