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There has been a debate in the therapy world about using any media-type devices with those children having special needs. When you have children that have different types of dissabilities they are sometimes driven by the noise, the action, the visual stimulants caused by media devices. 

There were several articles written in the Pscychology Review about this exact issue.  It was stated that there are some positive outcomes that can come from playing video games in therapy.  It can help with sensory stimulation, reward/dopamine release, executive functioning, and visual perspective.  The kids are easily motivated to conquer certain aspects of therapy when used side-by-side with media stimulation. 

However, the drawback to this kind of therapy is that children with certain disabilities can become obsessed with the games, and it becomes detrimental.  Specifically children with autism have a hard time with using these tools with a sense of limitation.  They want to play these games with an obsessive-like nature.  It is like most things, that in a controlled, limited, observed capacity video games could help children of all abilities, and all levels learn certain skills.  It just can’t take on an obsessive nature that ends up hurting the child in the end.

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