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With Black Friday right around the corner, the desires and wishes of all of our children are ramping up for the Holidays.

With things like video games, movies, and TV shows still high on many kids Christmas lists, we are encouraging all parents to do the background research of the gift, look at the reviews, and find out everything you can about the games, and media so that ensure the gifts provide not just entertainment, but something of value and not detriment to your kids.

All parents know once you give them the game it is a lot harder to take it away if you find out it is not the game you thought it was.

To help our the parents among our readership, we will be providing as much information as we can about the games on the shelves this year, and perhaps the games on your child’s list.  That way you can make an informed decision before you go to the checkout line at your local retailer.  Good luck to all parents this holiday season!

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