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I have been researching toys for my kids for Christmas, and have been reading all of the reviews.  Over and over again I have been reading that toys for kids are good for “in a pinch” situation, but many of them are highly addictive.  Some of the parents are saying that the video game devices, the tablets and video players are attention suckers, addictive, and change their child’s overall personality.  I am not saying that the reviews haven’t had pros to say about these toys, but some of the negatives are finally coming out.  Parents have been oblivious to the affects of many of these toys for years, but now parents are seeing differences in their children, and are observing older kids who have been affected by these same toys in their early years. 

I think that as parents we have many battles that we fight on a daily basis, from what your child eats, to what they do, to what they play with, to what they say, how they act, how they perform academically, physically, emotionally, socially, etc.  The last battle that we need to be fighting is with the toys and devices that we are buying with our very own money.  The problem is that you don’t realize the affect that a toy has until you have brought it into your home, and had to fight with your child over it!!

The only advice that I have for any parent this Christmas season is that you look up the toy you are buying on Amazon and read ALL of the parent reviews.  It has been helpful and eye opening for sure.  Good luck to all parents!

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