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I realize that many of my blogs focus on the negative aspects of video games, and I still believe and stand by what I have said previously.  However, after making that clear, I also believe there are many instances where video games can be rewarding and in some cases life-changing. 

I know that there are many people who have lost weight and become healthier because they have played Wii fit.  For some people it is a cheap way to be able to take part in yoga or other excercise programs without the use of a gym, or a trainer.  For these people to be able to strengthen their bodies, improve flexibility and lose weight, what a great idea!  They have improved there entire body for the better, and that is a great reason to endorse video games. 

There have been articles written recently about kids helping cure diseases by playing video games.  It is a new push to create scientific discovery games that help change the future of science.  I think that is an awesome use of time, and for those people who were going to play video games anyways, it is great to be curing a disease along the way!

I know that for children video games are educational, and can sometimes help their verbal skills.  Games that teach children repetition, memory enhancement, general computer skills, improve typing techniques, aid in reading, mathematics, puzzle building and spelling…..what a difference this makes in the classroom!  (As a former teacher, there is no better way to learn certain skills than through repetition and pure memorization, and video games is a great resource for that.) I also love that video games are able to give certain kids a feeling of success which helps to build their self esteem when sometimes that is a hard thing to come by these days!

I have seen video games bring families together.  My family loves to bowl together on a rainy Sunday afternoon on the Wii, when it is too cold to do anything else in our neck of the woods.  It is fun to get up and play together without a lot of hassle, money or planning, and any skill level will do! So I think that anything that brings an entire family together in a joint activity is worth the money spent. 

I know that there are trying to come out with a game that teaches true to life Karate skills on a video game.  I think that some people think that if you can bowl a strike on the Wii that you can do it in person, but ask my daughter…that is not the case.  However, they are trying to come out with a step by step game that would make it almost as if you were enrolled in a true class.  If they could do that, think of the possibilities for children who don’t have the means to sign up for ballet or tap, or any martial arts.  It would be great to be able to learn new skills at your own pace.  That would be a great addition to the gaming world.

I think that if the gaming industry would stick to the games that bring about positive outcomes then not only would I be happy, but so would many other parents around the world!

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