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I know that many of my blogs are against media in some form due to excessive violence, or addiction, etc.  However, I have been struggling with this thought that there has to be some positive media out there, and that I should also talk about this outcome. 

I believe that there is positive media in the form of commercials that motivate you to go out and serve your country, or contribute to a cause.  I think that there are movies that inform you of ideas that help you better understand other people, and points of view.  I think there are those television shows that make you want to go out and change yourself, or make your world a better place.  I also think that there are video games that help you learn new things, or improve your physical self. 

I guess where I struggle is when parents, such as myself, don’t know where the line is.  I think that the world of media has always been in conjunction with the world of advertising and marketing to get us to consume more than we need.  I understand that this is the nature of the beast, but it always stings a little when you get suckered into buying more than you need, or waste what you don’t want.  I think the same goes for buying media products, or media devices.  As parents we get bombarded when our children are little about their educational futures, and their growth and development.  What parent doesn’t want the best for their children?  So we buy these devices, or these games, or these toys, or these videos or these computer applications, or whatever it is.  Then once we are hooked, our kids are hooked, the family is hooked, then what do you do?  You don’t play Grover’s ABC game forever.  You can’t really expect your child to play Look and Find Letters when they are teenagers.  So then what do we do?  How do we stop the cycle that was created at such a young age? 

I am going to go out there and find the answers for us! I am going to let you know what your options are in regards to the media.  I am hoping to find some positive media options for families.

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