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If you have never heard of the game Angry Birds than you should look around, because it is everywhere. In every catalogue I have received, to every promotional advertisement…this game is literally everywhere you look. They are selling t-shirts, mugs, and baseball hats with this Angry Birds logo on it! Parents are saying that not only are they addicted to this game, but their children are addicted to playing the game as well. Many parents started out giving their children their I-Phone while they were in line at the post office, or in the waiting room of a doctor, and then it turned into this obsession and many of them are having to restrict their child’s usage.
I have talked about research that I have found in regards to violent video games and how they are disgusting and immoral and horrific in nature, but ALL video games are highly addictive, and this goes for any game out there. It seems that this Angry Birds game is so highly addictive that it ends up becoming overwhelming for the player. I just wonder what makes one video game more addictive than the other. I know that in casual conversation men and women alike will refer to their child as being “addicted” to video games and will say that it is a certain game that has them hooked. I have also talked to women who say that all their husband does is play video games, and that he is more obsessed with certain games. I just wonder if it is dependent on the person, or if a game like Angry Birds will hook any type of person, no matter what circumstances! Just be aware before you allow your child to play this game, because it might cause you and your child more harm than good!

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