I have been researching statistics on violent video games, and these are the facts that I have come across.  I think that parents need to be aware of the factual content in the video games that their children are playing. 

  • For every 10 minutes of playing video games or computer games, boys between the ages of eight and 18 will see between two and 124 acts of violence.

  • In video games rated as Teen or Mature, players will see over 180 violent acts every 40 minutes, or 5,400 violent acts per month.
  • 78 percent of acts of violence in the first ten minutes of video games depict lethal acts of violence. 78 percent of the action is shown up close, and half of the violent segments have humor in them.

  • Mature-rated video game perpetrators are human perpetrators who commit continued acts of violence with weapons; only 10 percent of them are considered to have “good” character traits.

  • In 98 percent of games, the acts the player commits are unpunished; in more than half of video games, perpetrators of violence are rewarded.

I just wonder if parents sat and actually watched their child play these games, how long would they allow their child to play, and how long would they allow them to blow people up, slice and dice characters, and/or bully and kill innocent victims. 

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