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Research has shown that there is a large population of children growing up today that are not only addicted to playing video games, but are CLINICALLY addicted to playing video games. If you are wondering if your child might be addicted, or showing signs of addiction. Please read the following signs;

1. Does your child express the urge to go back to gaming and try to control the time played?
2. Does your child feel as though a return to gaming will make them feel better?

Social Effects:
1. Does your child express anger and verbal abuse, sometimes extreme?
2. Do they ever suffer from extreme crying?
3. Does your child have a lack of motivation and direction?
4. Does he/she have a difficulty facing obligations, and procrastinating?
5. Does your child suffer from boredom/inability to find an activity of interest?

1. Does your child have a disruption in sleep patterns?
2. Is your child having fantasies or dreams about the game?
3. Is he/she spending excessive amounts of time sleeping?

Physical Symptoms:
1. Is your child showing signs of nausea, physical illness, colds and/or allergies?
2. Does your child suffer from restlessness, unfilfilling, or taunting dreams?

Psychological Symptoms:
1. Does he/she suffer from anxiety, feelings of emptiness, depression, relief, or thinking about the game for extended periods of time?
2. Does your child have uncontrollable feelings or rampant mood swings?
3. Does your child suffer from extreme fear?
4. Is your child prone to irritability, restlessness, sadness or loneliness?

Your child does not need to show ALL of these symptoms, however, if your child shows more than a few of them, you should take this situation seriously!

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