I have read many stories recently of famous couples that are suffering from a spouse that is addicted to playing video games.  These relationships are just examples of the average couple, because there are many couples out there that suffer from this exact same problem.  It puts a strain on the marriage and makes for a very neglected relationship. 

In an attempt to find solutions for those in desperate need of help for media addiction therapy I found a couples therapy group in Seattle, Washington. The therapy group  is led by two women, Dr. Hilarie Cash and Ana DiNoto.  Dr. Hilarie Cash is the co-founder of Internet/Computer Addiction Services and Ana DiNoto is studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus in video game/Internet addiction at Argosy University in Seattle, Washington. They lead couples therapy sessions in an attempt to:

  • allow individuals in the broken couple to feel as though they are not alone and that other people are suffering with the same problem, so that they can gain support from others.
  • to heal communication problems that are caused by media addiction.
  • help rebuild damaged relationships by showing the individuals in the relationship to recognize the patterns that they participate in that contribute to the addiction.
  • give the addicted member of the couple the ability to understand how their addiction interferes with the intimacy of the relationship, and also to learn the skills that they need to have a satisfying and successful relationship.

I just hope that evidence of these therapy options allows people to understand that media addiction is a real problem, with real solutions.  I also hope that those individuals that are suffering with these issues know that they are not alone.

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