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My husband and I have been trying to find a television show that airs in the evening that our daughter might be able to watch with us, however, we still have yet to find one. The shows that are airing in the prime time spots are not really appropriate for our daughter. The talent shows have judges that make innapropriate comments (musical orgasms (Sing Off), and acts that can use suggestive dancing with revealing clothing, and comedians that have routines that I would not want my daughter witnessing (America’s Got Talent). The sitcoms are filled with homosexual men kissing and hugging one another (Modern Family), as well as teenage kids getting eachother pregnant (Glee). I am wondering if we are destined to watch game shows and American Idol with our daughter, but even those aren’t totally free of innapropriate comments (Wipeout and the Big Balls).
My husband and I are also frustrated that every show we get into is cancelled halfway through the season. So I looked back on shows of the past, and the family-friendly shows lasted years, sometimes decades. For example the following shows aired for a minimum of five years; Touched By An Angel (10 yrs), Cosby Show (9 yrs), 7th Heaven (12 yrs), Little House on the Prairie (9 yrs), Waltons (10 yrs), Murder She Wrote (12 yrs), Life Goes On (5 yrs), Matlock (10 yrs), Family Ties (8 yrs), Full House (9 yrs), Home Improvement (9 yrs), Wonder Years (6 yrs), Highway To Heaven (6 yrs) and the list goes on.
If this is true that these family friendly shows are very successful, have a longer shelf life than most shows that are premiering today, then why are we not premiering one this fall? I can’t seem to find a show that is worth sitting down as a family and watching together.
I remember watching shows like Family Ties and The Cosby Show and they talked about real issues, and things that were important to families, but never crossed the line of uncomfortable or innapropriate. I don’t ever remember feeling uncomfortable watching the Cosby Show with my parents when I was little. I just don’t understand why these shows aren’t available today?

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