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I was reading an article today about video game addiction and I stumbled across some information that took my breath away. I thought I would share it here.
In 2005 a Korean male died of cardiac arrest after a 50 hour marathon of playing Starcraft.
In 2006 there was a male from Philadelphia that killed his daughter that was 17 months old because she broke his XBox console.
In 2007 a male from Ohio shot and killed his parents when they took away his Halo 3 game.
In 2009 a Korean couple spent all of their time creating a virtual world on Prius and taking care of their new “virtual baby” that they ended up letting their real baby starve to death!
In 2010 an American woman shook her baby to death when his crying kept interrupting her FarmVille game.
And as I have already reported there was an American male that died this year from a video game marathon.
You know what I found interesting about this article? The addicts are not all kids, they are not all male, and the games are not all the same. This means a few things to me as a mother and a wife. First of all, you can be addicted to any video game, whether it is FarmVille or Halo 3…..all video games can be addictive. Secondly, I realized that the addictive behavior can have MANY different outcomes, from letting your own child starve to death, to killing someone over it, to killing yourself over it. And finally you can become addicted at any age. These things are really making me realize more than ever that I need to make some serious decisions early on about my child’s media usage and I also need to know as much as I possibly can before I ever let them play another video game, PERIOD!

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