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Athletes today are becoming more media addicted than ever before. I read an article that talked about athletes and their video game addictions. It quoted and described three athletes and their video game experiences, and it was horrible how they talked about their usage in such a casual way. They talked about playing games for 5 to 6 hours as if that was normal and apart of every day life. You can read it here.

It makes me wonder if the athletes that our youth are idolizing are influencing their media usage. As our children look up to these athletes and try to emulate them, it makes me wonder if we know the whole truth behind their influence. If they are making millions of dollars off their video game endorsements, then how could they not be trying to sell our children to buy, play and become addicted to the items that they are making money on?! I just wonder about the sincerity in which they present themselves and their life experiences.

As parents, I think we need to question these athletes and ask what their intentions are, and at what cost are we going to let them influence our kids? Athletes talking about being addicted to video games like that is apart of life, athletes endorsing violent video games, and athletes being apart of the video games themselves….when is enough, enough?


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