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I have been riding in the car more often lately because of summer lessons and camps. I have been completely disgusted by the content of the radio personalities. I can’t count the amount of times that I have had to flip the station because of their choice of conversation. It has gotten ridiculous what these people will talk about between masturbation, orgasms, sexual partners, cheating spouses, hangovers, drug use, among other innapropriate subjects. The main concern that I have is that it isn’t just a passing comment, but an actual morning topic that would last the hour. I have not found a radio station, besides Radio Disney or certain Christian Stations, that I can listen to without editing. I am wanting to listen to current music, but the topics of conversation are completely vulgur and make my children and I very uncomfortable. I wonder when we, as a society, got to a point where this was acceptable to talk about these things without thought of the audience that is listening.

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