I was reading an article about cartoons and the problems that occur with television ratings.  It is shocking that it isn’t just about the content in the cartoons but that what they are marketing and trying to sell to the kids during commercials.  The article was contained on parentstv.org , titled Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter.  It talked about the Nielsen Data, and how it states that TV-PG shows and cartoons are shown to not only be over-loaded with profanity, but also contain very adult storylines from rape, cocaine, STD’s and crystal meth.  They also said that networks are failing to warn parents what are in these shows, and specifically Cartoon Network failed to warn parents 100% of the time.

The article also talked about what the advertisements were during these TV-PG shows. They were definitely NOT advertising pillow pets, and toothbrushes, quite the contrary, they were advertising rated R movies, TV-MA shows, and DVD’s .  It is outrageous to think that we aren’t trying to persuade these already impressionable little kids into wanting to buy things that are completely innappropriate!  Just to warn other parents, once again, I think we might be alone in this world, and that no one is going to help us, so we must help each other!

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