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My last blog touched base on a topic that I feel very strongly about…..bringing children into an inappropriate movie. I understand that many people feel as though it is the parent’s responsiblity in regards to what they want their children to watch. However, what about those parents that cannot make that decision due to drugs, alcohol, ignorance or in some cases just plain immaturity. I was talking to my sister in law the other day who said that she was watching a movie recently and it was a VERY severe, rated “R” movie and sitting next to her was a child under the age of 5. She was terribly uncomfortable watching the content of the movie with the child right next to her. The parents were oblivious to the damage they were causing to their child. It is not only harmful to the child, but it could also cause them nightmeres and/or long-term issues. I am concerned that as a society we are intent on letting children suffer based on rights and responsibilities, instead of protecting these children against things that are so obviously harmful to them.

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