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I was watching America’s Got Talent the other night with my six year old child and we were enjoying the various talent-filled acts….and then an act came on that not only made for one uncomfortable conversation, but also made me angry because this is supposed to be a show I can watch with my ENTIRE family. The act that I am talking about was the comedy vocalist. He made a few comments that were neither here nor there, but then talked about spreading peanut butter all over his body and then his dog wouldn’t even go for it. My daughter didn’t get it, and wondered why he would do that, and why it was funny. I wish we could have been warned, because we have TiVo, and could have fast forwarded had they warned us in some way that the following act might not be suitable for young audiences. I just wish that there were people out there, tv producers and such, that were looking out for ALL of us, especially those of us with young children with innocent eyes and ears. I remember watching a nightly television show with my parents growing up. We had a few shows to choose from…shows like the Cosby Show and Family Ties, and then later on there were shows like Full House, and Seventh Heaven. Now, I am not sure what shows, that air on the main channels, I could watch with my six year old. If anyone out there knows of a show that is shown on Prime Time television that could be thoroughly enjoyed by all, please let me know.

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