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I know that I am pretty strict with my children’s media usage, but it is hard for me to imagine that I am going to have to deal with peer pressure at six years old. We received the Wii as a present for Christmas a few years back and we own exactly four Wii games. We own the Wii sports with bowling, fishing, etc. We also own Mario Cart, I-Spy and the Mario Anniversary Edition. Our Wii is played about twice a month in the winter (usually we have a family bowling tournament on a random Sunday afternoon) and maybe once a month in the summer. But, since my daughter has been going to her friend’s houses, she comes back telling me she has played this game, and that game. She is desiring to own these games, asking to play the Wii more often, and it makes me wonder about peer pressure. Before she saw her friends playing these games, she never asked to play the Wii, and now it is a daily discussion. I also thought that with girls it would be different, because I thought video games were geared more towards boys, but boy was I wrong. The video game industry has made many of the video games geared towards females, specifically; Project Runway, Dance games, and the Glee game just to name a few. It makes me wonder if she will play games that I am not aware of when she is at other people’s houses, and I will have no control. It is scary enough that I have to worry about her safety, and her happiness, but now I have to worry about her health as well. It makes it very difficult to be a successful parent!

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