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My daughter came home the other day after a playdate and she wanted to get the Project Runway video game for the WII. I told her that I would think about it, Momspeak for NO. She begged and pleaded and said it was the only thing that she wanted for her birthday this year. I got on Amazon and it is very cheap, and the description makes it seem innocent enough, but unless I have played it myself, or have seen it played I have no idea what is in this game. I am wondering how we, as parents, are supported by these companies to make informed decisions in regards to the content in these games? The ratings mean nothing, so what do we have to go by? I saw that there was a filter on amazon to be able to narrow down my search and one of them was by age group. It started with birth-24 months. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What infant under 24 months need to be playing a video game? But they have games that feature Elmo and Cookie Monster, and I am assuming that mothers are buying these for their babies, or they wouldn’t be selling them. There were 675 options of games for preschoolers. That is insane! I mean preschoolers are aged 4 and under. There need to be almost 700 options of video games for children of this age group? They can’t even read or write for goodness sake, but they can play video games? Kids don’t have a desire to play video games, we, as parents, create their desire to play video games. We need not forget that!

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