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Over the July 4th weekend we went on a family trip up north where internet service is shaky at best, and the cable is turned off due to sporadic usage, so our entertainment was left to our own imagination. We do this every year for a week and our children love the media free time we spend with one another. There is no cell phone service, so texting and receiving phone calls is obsolete, so our attention is focused on one another. We spend our days walking the beach looking for rocks, taking bike rides, playing board games, or reading books. We spend our afternoons making sand castles and if the weather is foul we take road trips to see new and fun destinations, or play cards and do crossword puzzles. When kids are left to entertain themselves, they are more apt to further develop their imagination, and even surprise themselves with what types of games they can come up with. My daughter has figured out that she is an amazing author and artist, and my son has mastered the frigid waters of the lake. As my husband and I drive our sun-kissed, thoroughly exhausted children home after a wonderful, family-filled vacation we wonder to one another why we don’t do more of this at home?! Why don’t we play more games, or watch less television? Why do we not spend an afternoon putting together a puzzle, or allowing the children to play and run outside until dark? These are questions that I think most of us ponder, right? Why can’t we do more of what we like, instead of what is easier?