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As parents we read all of the time about how obesity is at an all-time high, and how media usage is up every single year, but we struggle to put the two together. I know that when I was growing up we spent 80% of our time outside, swimming and biking in the summer, and sledding and playing in the snow in the winter. There was never a time that my mother would let us sit and veg out on the couch on a sunny day. My daughter has joined a healthy club for the summer and they have her coloring in her fruit and vegetables every day, her water in-take as well as monitoring her physical activity. She has absolutely loved it! She has to do 60 minutes of physical activity a day which is not hard to do in the summer. She loves to ride her bike, take nature walks, play tag with her friends, jump on her trampoline and swim at the local pool. However, my husband and I made a pact this summer to try and limit the television to two half hour shows a day, or a short movie, her choice. We have unplugged our Wii that we got for bowling and other activities, and she hasn’t even asked about it. I have to admit that with the new decision to go outside we spent a little bit of money (about $20.00) on bubbles, a jump rope, hula hoop, rubber ball, and a frisbee. My daughter has even spent her saved up money on a scooter she found at a garage sale. These new found outdoor activities has allowed us to feel better, look better and spend more quality time together. I hope that this will help us connect as a family through out the year and not just this summer!!

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