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I was on Facebook the other day when I saw one of my friends had posted that she bought a Kindle for her 8 year old. I think that for my own child, that is a pretty expensive device and she would have it broken in no time, but for other children I think that is fine. My problem more surrounds the idea of the Kindle vs. the traditional book! I have great memories of riding my bike to the library with my mother and then picking out the books I wanted to read and take home in my bike basket. I remember taking my daughter to story-time at the local library and then wondering the aisles looking for the perfect book. I have great memories of going to the bookstore with my family and being able to bring a brand new book to the register and it being all mine! I am just concerned for the future of books. I just hope that they will still be available to my children and grandchildren and that they won’t have to hold some electronic device that takes away from the discovery of it! My children love flipping through the pages, and carrying it around with them. My daughter has worn out her copy of Frog and Toad, and my son’s Goodnight Moon is holding on by a thread. Our Mother Goose edition is so well-loved that we have to put it on a shelf for parental reading only. I just hope that Kindles and Nooks won’t take over the joy and love that future generations will have over the old traditional book!

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