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My husband just got back from a week-long vacation. Before we left my children would wake up and I would allow them to pick out two short shows (equaling one hour or less) or a short movie to watch. My son would wake up EVERY day saying Mickey Mouse, because that is one of the shows they always chose. My son is just starting to talk so we were all excited he could put these two words together. While we were on vacation there was no tv or movies allowed. They didn’t seem to care as there was many fun-filled family activities to keep them busy. I thought once we came home they would be waking up with the same Mickey Mouse chant…however that was not the case. My son didn’t even say Mickey Mouse the first day. He got up like we did on vacation and sat and ate breakfast together, and then went into his room to play with his toys. I think we, as parents, tend to think that a habit is impossible to break, so the idea of even trying to conquer it seems like a mountain not worth climbing. However, I have found that most of their “habits” or “routines” are facilitated and enforced by us, the parents. I think that habits sometimes are easier to break than we might think!

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