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My daughter had a playdate with a few friends today and one of them brought a dancing video game to play.  All of the girls wanted to play this game, so I reluctantly agreed.  They were so excited to play together and spend time with one another, however, almost immediately when the game started their personalities changed.  These girls normally all get along very well, but once the game started they became competitive, pushy and upset with one another.  They spent almost the entire time that they were playing the game arguing with one another and bickering about the game.  One of the girls stopped playing the game completely, and my daughter ended up in tears.  I was curious about the effects of video games on children and found that on there is a brain study that proves that playing video games actually effects your child’s brain.  I always have thought that playing violent video games would affect my child long-term, but I never thought that if she played a non-violent video game that it would change her personality immediately…..little did I know!!

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