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As I was growing up, I remember hearing stories about how my mother, who was a stay-at-home mother, and all of her friends, who were also stay-at-home mothers, got together and were a support system for one another. I have always yearned for that group connectedness as I try to navigate this stay-at-home mother gig in the present day where most of my friends are working mothers. I try and find other mothers who are doing the same thing as me, but it is hard to find these rare people. I just moved to a new city and had enrolled my daughter in a community activity and was standing in line to pick her up, hoping to strike up conversations with other mothers in the off chance of finding a new friend. But the second I got in line, all of the other mothers pulled out their I-Phones, their Blackberries, or their I-Pads and started texting, checking emails, and chatting away on cell phones, completely disconnected to those of us around them! There was even one mother standing in line listening to her I-Pod on earphones. The reason I tell this story was because I was sad that there were so many different interactions and connections that could have taken place right there in that line between a group of women but because we are all so “plugged-in” we have lost to ability to relate and to connect to one another.

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